The Color Song – A Brainstorming, Song Rewriting Activity

Show your child a particular color.  You could use construction paper or just an object you find in the house that is only one color.  Tell her the name of the color and then ask her if she can think of other things that are the same color.  Write down all of her answers.  Take … Continue reading The Color Song – A Brainstorming, Song Rewriting Activity

Stoplight Conductor

Stoplight Conductor is a great music therapy game with lots of real world benefits! Stoplight Conductor gives children a an opportunity to practice leadership skills, enjoy a cooperative music experience, increase focus and attention span, practice following directions, and improve manual dexterity.  For very young children it is also good practice recognizing, naming and associating … Continue reading Stoplight Conductor

Why Music?

Music is an essential part of the human condition.  The need to make and listen to music, like speech, is part of human biology.  Music is found in all cultures, both primitive and civilized through out all of history.  Music possesses certain physical, scientifically definable qualities that make it particularly useful as a treatment modality … Continue reading Why Music?